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Directory of Airports in California

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway
Small LITTLE RIVER 39.262(N) -123.754(W) 5249 ft
Small YOLO CO DAVIS WOODLAND WINTERS 38.579(N) -121.857(W) 6000 ft
Small PYS PARADISE SKYPARK 39.711(N) -121.617(W) 3017 ft
Large HOLLISTER MUNI 36.893(N) -121.410(W) 6350 ft
Small EL RICO 36.046(N) -119.647(W) 4500 ft
Small REDLANDS MUNI 34.085(N) -117.146(W) 4505 ft
Small BLH BLYTHE 33.619(N) -114.717(W) 6543 ft
Small 11CL ADELANTO HANSEN 34.630(N) -117.653(W) 5875 ft
Small 0CL1 ADELANTO KREY FIELD 34.569(N) -117.556(W) 3360 ft
Small 52CL ADELANTO ADELANTO 34.537(N) -117.461(W) 5100 ft
Small A26 ADIN ADIN 41.187(N) -120.954(W) 2850 ft
Small L54 AGUA CALIENTE SPRINGS AGUA CALIENTE 32.956(N) -116.294(W) 2500 ft
Small L70 AGUA DULCE AGUA DULCE AIRPARK 34.504(N) -118.313(W) 4020 ft
Small 0CA8 AGUANGA WARD RANCH 33.428(N) -116.843(W) 2250 ft
Small 1CA6 ALPINE ON THE ROCKS 32.765(N) -116.723(W) 2340 ft
Small A24 ALTURAS CALIFORNIA PINES 41.412(N) -120.684(W) 4250 ft
Small CL88 ALTURAS WESINGER RANCH 41.447(N) -120.584(W) 2500 ft
Small CA06 ALTURAS BATES FIELD 41.418(N) -120.569(W) 2200 ft
Large AAT ALTURAS ALTURAS MUNI 41.483(N) -120.565(W) 4301 ft
Small 53CL ANCHOR BAY LOFTY REDWOODS 38.860(N) -123.591(W) 3200 ft
Small 2O3 ANGWIN ANGWIN PARRETT FLD 38.579(N) -122.435(W) 3217 ft
Small 54CL ANZA LAKE RIVERSIDE ESTATES 33.521(N) -116.797(W) 3500 ft
Small APV APV APPLE VALLEY APPLE VALLEY 34.575(N) -117.186(W) 6498 ft
Small 27CA APPLE VALLEY HOLIDAY RANCH 34.561(N) -117.081(W) 2900 ft
Small 2CL2 ARBUCKLE MC CABE RANCH 39.011(N) -122.098(W) 1500 ft
Large KACV ACV ACV ARCATA/EUREKA ARCATA 40.978(N) -124.109(W) 6000 ft
Small 5CL8 ARVIN CREEKSIDE 35.176(N) -118.923(W) 2000 ft
Small 5CL9 AUBERRY JOHNSTON FIELD 37.141(N) -119.508(W) 2000 ft
Small AUN AUN AUBURN AUBURN MUNI 38.955(N) -121.082(W) 3700 ft
Small AVX AVX AVALON CATALINA 33.405(N) -118.416(W) 2880 ft
Small CA69 AVENAL AVENAL 36.004(N) -120.142(W) 2880 ft
Small 0O2 BAKER BAKER 35.286(N) -116.083(W) 3157 ft
Small 10CL BAKERSFIELD JOE GOTTLIEB FIELD 35.368(N) -119.195(W) 2300 ft
Small 6CL0 BAKERSFIELD MAJORS 35.526(N) -119.102(W) 1000 ft
Large KBFL BFL BFL Bakersfield MEADOWS FLD 35.434(N) -119.057(W) 10857 ft
Large L45 BAKERSFIELD BAKERSFIELD MUNI 35.325(N) -118.996(W) 4000 ft
Small 7CA2 BAKERSFIELD PARADISE LAKES 35.177(N) -118.927(W) 2701 ft
Small BNG BNG BANNING BANNING MUNI 33.923(N) -116.851(W) 5200 ft
Small 00CA BARSTOW GOLDSTONE GTS 35.351(N) -116.888(W) 6000 ft
Medium BYS BYS Barstow BICYCLE LAKE AAF 35.281(N) -116.630(W) 9500 ft
Small 5CA4 BARSTOW LUDLOW 34.753(N) -116.154(W) 2604 ft
STOL 73CA BEAR VALLEY BEAR VALLEY 38.459(N) -120.040(W) 3200 ft
Small O02 NVN Beckwourth NERVINO 39.819(N) -120.353(W) 4651 ft
Small O55 BIEBER SOUTHARD FIELD 41.140(N) -121.124(W) 2980 ft
Small L35 RBF BIG BEAR CITY BIG BEAR CITY 34.264(N) -116.856(W) 5480 ft
Small CL23 BIGGS JONES/AG-VIATION 39.460(N) -121.696(W) 2600 ft
Large BIH BISHOP EASTERN SIERRA RGNL 37.373(N) -118.364(W) 7498 ft
Small 9CA6 BISHOP NORTH VALLEY 37.869(N) -118.095(W) 5300 ft
Small 44CA BLYTHE W R BYRON 33.679(N) -114.644(W) 2640 ft
Small 56CL BLYTHE CYR AVIATION 33.592(N) -114.606(W) 2400 ft
Small 1CA4 BLYTHE AHA-QUIN 33.869(N) -114.527(W) 2250 ft
Small D83 BOONVILLE BOONVILLE 39.013(N) -123.383(W) 2984 ft
Small 28CL BORON BORAX 35.031(N) -117.708(W) 3400 ft
Small 57CL BORON BORON AIRSTRIP 35.004(N) -117.607(W) 2400 ft
Small L08 BXS BORREGO SPRINGS BORREGO VALLEY 33.259(N) -116.321(W) 5011 ft
Small 58CL BORREGO SPRINGS BORREGO AIR RANCH 33.192(N) -116.276(W) 2650 ft
Small BWC BWC BRAWLEY BRAWLEY MUNI 32.993(N) -115.517(W) 4007 ft
Small 4CA2 BRENTWOOD FUNNY FARM 37.947(N) -121.647(W) 1880 ft
Small O57 BRIDGEPORT BRYANT FLD 38.262(N) -119.226(W) 4239 ft
Small F25 BROWNSVILLE BROWNSVILLE 39.455(N) -121.292(W) 2326 ft
Small 60CL BRYTE CHP ACADEMY 38.599(N) -121.561(W) 1400 ft
Large KBUR BUR BUR Burbank BOB HOPE 34.201(N) -118.359(W) 6536 ft
Small L62 BUTTONWILLOW ELK HILLS BUTTONWILLOW 35.353(N) -119.479(W) 3260 ft
Small C83 BYRON BYRON 37.828(N) -121.626(W) 4500 ft
Small CA90 CADIZ CADIZ AIRSTRIP 34.514(N) -115.519(W) 5280 ft
Small KCXL CXL CXL CALEXICO CALEXICO INTL 32.670(N) -115.513(W) 4679 ft
Small 62CL CALIENTE FLYING S RANCH 35.407(N) -118.500(W) 3750 ft
Small L71 CALIFORNIA CITY CALIFORNIA CITY MUNI 35.151(N) -118.017(W) 6027 ft
Small CLR CLR Calipatria CLIFF HATFIELD MEM 33.132(N) -115.521(W) 3303 ft
Small CA38 CALPINE TOTEM POLE RANCH 39.651(N) -120.439(W) 1800 ft
Large CMA CAMARILLO CAMARILLO 34.214(N) -119.094(W) 6013 ft
Small 66CA CAMBRIA RANCHO SAN SIMEON 35.608(N) -121.110(W) 1800 ft
Small O61 CAMERON PARK CAMERON AIRPARK 38.684(N) -120.988(W) 3858 ft
Small 63CL CAPAY G3 RANCH 38.717(N) -122.139(W) 2800 ft
Large CRQ CLD Carlsbad MC CLELLAN PALOMAR 33.128(N) -117.280(W) 4897 ft
Small 64CL CARSON GOODYEAR BLIMP BASE 33.856(N) -118.277(W) 1200 ft
Small 65CL CARUTHERS AL DIVINE 36.514(N) -119.764(W) 2400 ft
Small O59 CEDARVILLE CEDARVILLE 41.553(N) -120.166(W) 4415 ft
Small 49X CHEMEHUEVI VALLEY CHEMEHUEVI VALLEY 34.528(N) -114.431(W) 5000 ft
Small O05 Chester ROGERS FLD 40.282(N) -121.241(W) 5000 ft
Small 4CA7 CHICO JOHNSEN 39.671(N) -121.886(W) 2700 ft
Small O23 CHICO RANCHAERO 39.720(N) -121.871(W) 2156 ft
Large CIC CIC CHICO CHICO MUNI 39.795(N) -121.858(W) 6724 ft
Small CL90 CHICO BUTTE CREEK HOG RANCH 39.689(N) -121.784(W) 1600 ft
Large CNO CNO CHINO CHINO 33.975(N) -117.637(W) 7000 ft
Small L77 CHIRIACO SUMMIT CHIRIACO SUMMIT 33.665(N) -115.711(W) 4600 ft
Small 66CL CHOWCHILLA TRIANGLE T RANCH 36.999(N) -120.465(W) 2200 ft
Small 67CA CHOWCHILLA CHAPMAN FARMS 37.073(N) -120.378(W) 3000 ft
Small 2O6 CHOWCHILLA CHOWCHILLA 37.112(N) -120.247(W) 3250 ft
Small 0CL3 CHULA VISTA JOHN NICHOL'S FIELD 32.633(N) -116.893(W) 2400 ft
Small CN13 CLARKSBURG BORGES - CLARKSBURG 38.443(N) -121.509(W) 2260 ft
Small O60 CLOVERDALE CLOVERDALE MUNI 38.776(N) -122.993(W) 3155 ft
Small CL24 CLOVIS KINDSVATER RANCH 36.850(N) -119.510(W) 2000 ft
Small C80 CLG COALINGA NEW COALINGA MUNI 36.163(N) -120.294(W) 5000 ft
Small 3O8 COALINGA HARRIS RANCH 36.248(N) -120.238(W) 2820 ft
Small O22 COA COLUMBIA COLUMBIA 38.030(N) -120.415(W) 4081 ft
Small 67CL COLUSA DAVIS 39.201(N) -122.049(W) 2000 ft
Small O08 COLUSA COLUSA CO 39.179(N) -121.993(W) 3000 ft
Small CPM CPM COMPTON COMPTON WOODLEY 33.890(N) -118.244(W) 2642 ft
Large CCR CCR Concord BUCHANAN FLD 37.990(N) -122.057(W) 5001 ft
Small CRO CRO CORCORAN CORCORAN 36.102(N) -119.595(W) 3275 ft
Small 24CL CORCORAN SALYER FARMS 36.089(N) -119.543(W) 7000 ft
Small 0O4 CORNING CORNING MUNI 39.944(N) -122.171(W) 2702 ft
Small AJO CORONA CORONA MUNI 33.898(N) -117.602(W) 3006 ft
Small CA04 COTTONWOOD FLYING N RANCH 40.346(N) -122.339(W) 2600 ft
Small 68CA COTTONWOOD LAKE CALIFORNIA AIR PARK 40.361(N) -122.216(W) 3000 ft
Small O09 COVELO ROUND VALLEY 39.790(N) -123.266(W) 3460 ft
Large KCEC CEC CEC Crescent City JACK MC NAMARA FLD 41.780(N) -124.237(W) 5002 ft
Small NRC NRC CROWS LANDING NASA CROWS LANDING 37.408(N) -121.109(W) 7950 ft
Small 3CA3 CUYAMA DIXON 34.922(N) -119.526(W) 2590 ft
Small CL25 CUYAMA 7R RANCH 34.936(N) -119.452(W) 2350 ft
Small DAG DAG Daggett BARSTOW DAGGETT 34.854(N) -116.787(W) 6400 ft
Small CL18 DANBY DANBY AIRSTRIP 34.555(N) -115.356(W) 3800 ft
Small 17CL DAVENPORT LAS TRANCAS 37.088(N) -122.274(W) 1300 ft
Small Davis UNIVERSITY 38.531(N) -121.786(W) 3185 ft
Small EDU DAVIS UNIVERSITY 38.531(N) -121.786(W) 3176 ft
Small 69CL DAVIS MEDLOCK FIELD 38.615(N) -121.747(W) 2600 ft
Small DWA DAVIS/WOODLAND/WINTERS YOLO COUNTY 38.579(N) -121.857(W) 6000 ft
Small 70CL DEATH VALLEY JUNCTION AMARGOSA 36.296(N) -116.426(W) 1625 ft
Small L09 DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK STOVEPIPE WELLS 36.604(N) -117.159(W) 3260 ft
Small L06 Death Valley National Park FURNACE CREEK 36.464(N) -116.881(W) 3065 ft
Large DLO DELANO DELANO MUNI 35.746(N) -119.237(W) 5650 ft
Small 71CL DELEVAN GUNNERSFIELD RANCH 39.353(N) -122.094(W) 2570 ft
Small L64 DESERT CENTER DESERT CENTER 33.749(N) -115.323(W) 4200 ft
Small 72CL DESERT CENTER IRON MOUNTAIN PUMPING PLANT 34.134(N) -115.119(W) 3200 ft
Small 74CL DI GIORGIO DI GIORGIO RANCH LANDING STRIP 35.257(N) -118.833(W) 2600 ft
Small D63 DINSMORE DINSMORE 40.492(N) -123.598(W) 2510 ft
Small 13CL DIXON MAINE PRAIRIE 38.381(N) -121.824(W) 1950 ft
Small A32 DORRIS BUTTE VALLEY 41.887(N) -121.976(W) 4300 ft
Small CL01 DOS PALOS EAGLE FIELD 36.900(N) -120.668(W) 2300 ft
Small 28CA DOS PALOS DOS PALOS 36.962(N) -120.630(W) 2210 ft
Small 76CL DOS PALOS EMMETT FIELD 37.089(N) -120.501(W) 2350 ft
Small CA71 DRYTOWN HORSE SHOE A RANCH 38.440(N) -120.887(W) 3000 ft
Small 77CL DUNLAP BAKER & HALL 36.718(N) -119.137(W) 3400 ft
Small 1O6 MHS DUNSMUIR DUNSMUIR MUNI-MOTT 41.263(N) -122.272(W) 2700 ft
Medium KEDW EDW EDW EDWARDS EDWARDS AFB 34.905(N) -117.884(W) 15013 ft
Medium 9L2 EDWARDS EDWARDS AF AUX NORTH BASE 34.991(N) -117.863(W) 5998 ft
Medium KNJK NJK NJK EL CENTRO EL CENTRO NAF 32.829(N) -115.672(W) 9503 ft
Small 23CN EL CENTRO DOUTHITT STRIP 32.789(N) -115.530(W) 1800 ft
Small 99CL EL MIRAGE EL MIRAGE FLD ADELANTO 34.625(N) -117.605(W) 3700 ft
Large EMT EMT EL MONTE EL MONTE 34.086(N) -118.035(W) 3705 ft
Small 90CL ELK CREEK DIAMOND M RANCH 39.572(N) -122.609(W) 2400 ft
Small E27 ELK GROVE ELK GROVE 38.392(N) -121.331(W) 2769 ft
Small CL04 ELK GROVE SKY WAY ESTATES 38.411(N) -121.235(W) 1950 ft
Small 8CL2 ELK GROVE LUCCHETTI RANCH 38.424(N) -121.227(W) 3000 ft
Small BLU EMIGRANT GAP BLUE CANYON NYACK 39.275(N) -120.710(W) 3300 ft
Small 8CL1 ESCONDIDO LAKE WOHLFORD RESORT 33.186(N) -117.002(W) 1345 ft
Small 37CL ESCONDIDO LYALL-ROBERTS 33.324(N) -116.990(W) 1700 ft
Small O33 EUREKA EUREKA MUNI 40.781(N) -124.212(W) 2700 ft
Small KEKA EKA EKA EUREKA MURRAY FLD 40.803(N) -124.113(W) 3000 ft
Small O19 NLN EUREKA KNEELAND 40.719(N) -123.927(W) 2270 ft
Small O63 EXETER EXETER 36.242(N) -119.150(W) 2800 ft
Medium KSUU SUU SUU Fairfield TRAVIS AFB 38.263(N) -121.927(W) 11001 ft
Small O89 FALL RIVER MILLS FALL RIVER MILLS 41.019(N) -121.433(W) 3600 ft
Small L18 FALLBROOK FALLBROOK COMMUNITY AIRPARK 33.354(N) -117.251(W) 2160 ft
Small L73 FAMOSO POSO KERN COUNTY 35.597(N) -119.128(W) 3000 ft
Small CN29 FARMINGTON J-B 37.935(N) -121.015(W) 1700 ft
Small F34 FIREBAUGH FIREBAUGH 36.860(N) -120.464(W) 3102 ft
Small 5CA7 FIVE POINTS AGRO WEST 36.336(N) -120.247(W) 3000 ft
Small 41CA FOREST GLEN SILVER CREEK RANCH 40.318(N) -123.254(W) 1500 ft
Small A28 FORT BIDWELL FORT BIDWELL 41.877(N) -120.147(W) 3660 ft
Small 82CL FORT BRAGG FORT BRAGG 39.474(N) -123.796(W) 1850 ft
Small 23CA FORT JONES LEFKO 41.625(N) -122.765(W) 2800 ft
Large FOT Fortuna ROHNERVILLE 40.554(N) -124.133(W) 4005 ft
Small 11CA FOWLER TURNER FIELD 36.673(N) -119.722(W) 1800 ft
Small CN38 FRANKLIN FLYING B RANCH 38.341(N) -121.437(W) 1385 ft
Small F72 FRANKLIN FRANKLIN FIELD 38.305(N) -121.430(W) 3240 ft
Small 02CL FRAZIER PARK CONOVER AIR LODGE 34.761(N) -119.059(W) 3000 ft
Small E79 FRESNO SIERRA SKY PARK 36.840(N) -119.869(W) 2920 ft
Large FCH FCH FRESNO FRESNO CHANDLER EXECUTIVE 36.732(N) -119.820(W) 2962 ft
Small 37CN FRESNO ARNOLD RANCH 36.914(N) -119.786(W) 2640 ft
Large KFAT FAT FAT FRESNO FRESNO YOSEMITE INTL 36.776(N) -119.718(W) 9217 ft
Small A30 Ft. Jones SCOTT VALLEY 41.558(N) -122.855(W) 3700 ft
Large FUL FUL FULLERTON FULLERTON MUNI 33.872(N) -117.980(W) 2868 ft
Small 2CL9 GALT MUSTANG 38.334(N) -121.304(W) 4000 ft
Small 51CL GALT VETTERS SKY RANCH 38.230(N) -121.222(W) 2400 ft
Small O16 GARBERVILLE GARBERVILLE 40.086(N) -123.814(W) 3050 ft
Small 0O9 GASQUET WARD FIELD 41.846(N) -123.985(W) 2990 ft
Small E36 GEORGETOWN GEORGETOWN 38.921(N) -120.865(W) 2980 ft
Small 29CN GEORGETOWN DUBEY 38.850(N) -120.834(W) 1300 ft
Small CL29 GOFFS CAMINO AIRSTRIP 34.835(N) -114.957(W) 3000 ft
Small CL46 GORMAN/LANCASTER QUAIL LAKE SKY PARK 34.768(N) -118.732(W) 3100 ft
Small 09CL GRASS VALLEY ALTA SIERRA 39.114(N) -121.057(W) 3000 ft
Large GOO Grass Valley NEVADA CO AIR PARK 39.224(N) -121.003(W) 4350 ft
Small 3CA7 GREENFIELD METZ 36.328(N) -121.187(W) 3400 ft
Small 35CN GRIMES FARNSWORTH RANCH AIRSTRIP 39.100(N) -121.934(W) 2600 ft
Small 53CN GRIMES THAYER AVIATION 39.075(N) -121.918(W) 1800 ft
Small 45CN GROVELAND HERMITAGE 37.880(N) -120.194(W) 2700 ft
Small E45 GROVELAND PINE MOUNTAIN LAKE 37.862(N) -120.178(W) 3625 ft
Small E55 GUALALA OCEAN RIDGE 38.802(N) -123.531(W) 2500 ft
Small 3O1 GUSTINE GUSTINE 37.263(N) -120.963(W) 3200 ft
Large HAF HAF HALF MOON BAY HALF MOON BAY 37.513(N) -122.501(W) 4237 ft
Small 9CL5 HANFORD BLAIR STRIP 36.275(N) -119.641(W) 2150 ft
Large HJO HANFORD HANFORD MUNI 36.317(N) -119.628(W) 5175 ft
Small 87CA HANFORD SWANSON RANCH NR 1 36.400(N) -119.618(W) 2500 ft
Small 36S HAPPY CAMP HAPPY CAMP 41.791(N) -123.389(W) 3000 ft
Small F62 HAYFORK HAYFORK 40.547(N) -123.182(W) 4115 ft
Large HWD HWD HAYWARD HAYWARD EXECUTIVE 37.659(N) -122.122(W) 5018 ft
Small O31 HEALDSBURG HEALDSBURG MUNI 38.653(N) -122.899(W) 2707 ft
Small CA70 HELENDALE SUN HILL RANCH 34.758(N) -117.497(W) 5300 ft
Small 19CL HELENDALE PALISADES RANCH 34.712(N) -117.351(W) 3800 ft
Small HMT HMT HEMET HEMET RYAN 33.734(N) -117.023(W) 4314 ft
Small 86CL HEMET ERNST FIELD 33.597(N) -116.883(W) 3100 ft
Small 65CN HERALD BOTTIMORE RANCH 38.304(N) -121.251(W) 2900 ft
Small H37 HERLONG HERLONG 40.139(N) -120.179(W) 3260 ft
Small AHC AHC HERLONG AMEDEE AAF 40.266(N) -120.153(W) 7167 ft
Small L26 HESPERIA HESPERIA 34.377(N) -117.316(W) 3610 ft
Small CL84 HILMAR AHLEM FARMS 37.388(N) -120.927(W) 2617 ft
Small 1C9 HOLLISTER FRAZIER LAKE AIRPARK 36.953(N) -121.465(W) 3000 ft
Small CVH HLI HOLLISTER HOLLISTER MUNI 36.893(N) -121.410(W) 6350 ft
Small 9CL2 HOLLISTER CHRISTENSEN RANCH 36.872(N) -121.337(W) 3000 ft
Small L04 HOLTVILLE HOLTVILLE 32.840(N) -115.267(W) 6000 ft
Small O21 HOOPA HOOPA 41.041(N) -123.668(W) 2325 ft
Small H47 HYAMPOM HYAMPOM 40.626(N) -123.469(W) 2980 ft
Large IPL IPL IMPERIAL IMPERIAL CO 32.834(N) -115.579(W) 5304 ft
Small 2O7 INDEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE 36.814(N) -118.205(W) 3722 ft
Small IYK IYK INYOKERN INYOKERN 35.659(N) -117.830(W) 7100 ft
Small CA20 IONE EAGLES NEST 38.430(N) -121.015(W) 4000 ft
Small 5CA8 IONE HOWARD /PRIVATE/ 38.256(N) -120.932(W) 1481 ft
Small CA19 IONE CAMANCHE SKYPARK 38.264(N) -120.923(W) 2250 ft
Small 9CL4 IVANPAH HART MINE 35.283(N) -115.192(W) 3000 ft
Small O70 JACKSON WESTOVER FIELD AMADOR CO 38.377(N) -120.794(W) 3401 ft
Small L78 JACUMBA JACUMBA 32.616(N) -116.165(W) 2508 ft
Small 08CL JAMESTOWN KISTLER RANCH 37.860(N) -120.554(W) 2000 ft
Small 6CL9 JAMESTOWN PEORIA 37.922(N) -120.515(W) 2500 ft
Small L80 JOSHUA TREE ROY WILLIAMS 34.154(N) -116.252(W) 2493 ft
Small 04CL JULIAN HUNT'S SKY RANCH 33.082(N) -116.441(W) 1900 ft
Small 46CA JULIAN RANCHO VALLECITO 32.971(N) -116.409(W) 2500 ft
Small 68CN KENNEDY MEADOWS PORTER RANCH 36.022(N) -118.095(W) 2600 ft
Small 91CL KENNEDY MEADOWS SACATAR MEADOWS 35.990(N) -118.080(W) 3300 ft
Small L05 Kernville KERN VALLEY 35.728(N) -118.420(W) 3500 ft
Small KIC KIC King City MESA DEL REY 36.228(N) -121.122(W) 4485 ft
Small S51 KLAMATH GLEN ANDY MC BETH 41.512(N) -123.996(W) 2400 ft
Small CA09 KLAMATH RIVER ROUND MOUNTAIN 41.886(N) -122.844(W) 1500 ft
Small 32CL KNIGHTS LANDING BOB'S FLYING SERVICE INC 38.833(N) -121.718(W) 2500 ft
Small CN19 KNIGHTSEN LAS SERPIENTES 37.933(N) -121.613(W) 1900 ft
Large POC POC La Verne BRACKETT FLD 34.092(N) -117.782(W) 4839 ft
Small 2CN8 LAKE ARROWHEAD LAKE ARROWHEAD 34.304(N) -117.151(W) 3170 ft
Small CA42 LAKE ELSINORE MC CONVILLE AIRSTRIP 33.644(N) -117.429(W) 1800 ft
Small CA89 LAKE ELSINORE SKYLARK FIELD 33.630(N) -117.302(W) 2800 ft
Small 1O2 CKE LAKEPORT LAMPSON FLD 38.991(N) -122.901(W) 3597 ft
Small 0CL6 LANCASTER BOHUNK'S AIRPARK 34.695(N) -118.283(W) 1900 ft
Large WJF WJF Lancaster GENERAL WM J FOX AFLD 34.741(N) -118.219(W) 7201 ft
Small 9CL1 LE GRAND JOHNSON RANCH 37.191(N) -120.276(W) 2200 ft
Small 97CA LEBEC TEJON AG 34.989(N) -118.915(W) 3200 ft
Small O24 LEE VINING LEE VINING 37.958(N) -119.107(W) 3990 ft
Medium NLC NLC LEMOORE LEMOORE NAS 36.333(N) -119.952(W) 13502 ft
Small 32CA LEMOORE STONE AIRSTRIP 36.333(N) -119.825(W) 2540 ft
Small CN15 LEMORE VINEYARD OAKS FARM 36.369(N) -119.786(W) 2180 ft
Small 6CA8 LENWOOD DEPUE 34.856(N) -117.138(W) 1800 ft
Small 9CL3 LIKELY LIKELY 41.240(N) -120.526(W) 1960 ft
Large LHM LINCOLN LINCOLN RGNL KARL HARDER FLD 38.909(N) -121.351(W) 6001 ft
Small 90CA LINDEN FOWLER'S 38.004(N) -121.119(W) 1800 ft
Small LLR LITTLE RIVER LITTLE RIVER 39.262(N) -123.754(W) 5249 ft
Small CA10 LITTLE SHASTA COONROD RANCH 41.617(N) -122.319(W) 3000 ft
Small 18CL LIVE OAK BOWLES 39.286(N) -121.694(W) 2600 ft
Large LVK LVK LIVERMORE LIVERMORE MUNI 37.693(N) -121.820(W) 5253 ft
Small 63CN LIVERMORE MEADOWLARK FIELD 37.661(N) -121.694(W) 1860 ft
Small 46CN LLANO CRYSTAL 34.485(N) -117.826(W) 4500 ft
Small O20 LODI KINGDON AIRPARK 38.092(N) -121.359(W) 3705 ft
Small L53 LODI LODI AIRPARK 38.084(N) -121.316(W) 1875 ft
Small 1O3 LODI LODI 38.202(N) -121.268(W) 3085 ft
Small CL11 LODI FERDUN RANCH 38.135(N) -121.220(W) 1680 ft
Small 8CA8 LODI WALLOM FIELD 38.067(N) -121.208(W) 3488 ft
Small 12CA LODI FABER VINEYARDS 38.110(N) -121.169(W) 1800 ft
Medium KVBG VBG VBG Lompoc VANDENBERG AFB 34.737(N) -120.584(W) 15000 ft
Small LPC LPC LOMPOC LOMPOC 34.666(N) -120.468(W) 4600 ft
Small O26 LONE PINE LONE PINE 36.588(N) -118.052(W) 4000 ft
Large KLGB LGB LGB LONG BEACH LONG BEACH 33.818(N) -118.152(W) 8659 ft
Medium KSLI SLI LOS ALAMITOS LOS ALAMITOS AAF 33.790(N) -118.052(W) 8000 ft
Small WHP WHP Los Angeles WHITEMAN 34.259(N) -118.413(W) 3642 ft
Large KLAX LAX LAX LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES INTL 33.943(N) -118.408(W) 12091 ft
Large LSN LSN LOS BANOS LOS BANOS MUNI 37.063(N) -120.869(W) 3005 ft
Small 36CN LOST HILLS BLACKWELL LAND COMPANY INC 35.636(N) -120.009(W) 4200 ft
Small 2CN4 LOST HILLS PARAMOUNT FARMS 35.666(N) -119.896(W) 5002 ft
Small L84 LOST HILLS LOST HILLS KERN COUNTY 35.624(N) -119.686(W) 3020 ft
Small 80CA LOTUS BACCHI VALLEY INDUSTRIES 38.817(N) -120.922(W) 1800 ft
Small 4CL4 LUCERNE RABBIT RANCH 34.454(N) -117.026(W) 3530 ft
Small 7CA1 LUCERNE VALLEY ABRAHAM RANCH 34.415(N) -116.623(W) 4000 ft
Small 51CA LUCERNE VALLEY KELLY 34.424(N) -116.617(W) 3010 ft
Small 6CA1 MACDOEL TRIPLE R RANCH 41.743(N) -121.878(W) 2300 ft
Small 49CL MADERA EL PECO RANCH 36.906(N) -120.177(W) 3000 ft
Small 48CN MADERA SALLABERRY RANCH STRIP 37.057(N) -120.144(W) 2100 ft
Large MAE MADERA MADERA MUNI 36.989(N) -120.112(W) 5545 ft
Small 77CA MADERA DAULTON 37.121(N) -119.988(W) 1700 ft
Small MMH MMH MAMMOTH LAKES MAMMOTH YOSEMITE 37.624(N) -118.838(W) 7000 ft
Small CN42 MANTON DOUBLE CREEK RANCH 40.446(N) -121.882(W) 3400 ft
Small OAR OAR MARINA MARINA MUNI 36.682(N) -121.762(W) 3000 ft
Small MPI RMY MARIPOSA MARIPOSA YOSEMITE 37.511(N) -120.040(W) 3306 ft
Small 5CL0 MARIPOSA GRUPE RANCH 37.340(N) -119.862(W) 2800 ft
Small 6CL4 MARIPOSA MANZANITA 37.459(N) -119.742(W) 1100 ft
Small M45 MARKLEEVILLE ALPINE CO 38.735(N) -119.767(W) 4443 ft
Large KMYV MYV MYV Marysville YUBA CO 39.098(N) -121.570(W) 6006 ft
Medium KBAB BAB BAB Marysville BEALE AFB 39.136(N) -121.437(W) 12000 ft
Small 9CL7 MARYSVILLE OLD AERODROME 39.325(N) -121.359(W) 2300 ft
Small 22CL MARYSVILLE DOUBLE TREE FARM 39.300(N) -121.359(W) 1600 ft
Small 8CL6 MAXWELL MOLLER 39.288(N) -122.189(W) 1700 ft
Small CA11 MC CLOUD MC CLOUD AIRSTRIP 41.273(N) -122.122(W) 2800 ft
Small M90 MENDOTA MENDOTA 36.759(N) -120.371(W) 3499 ft
Small KMER MER MER Merced CASTLE 37.380(N) -120.568(W) 11802 ft
Small MCE MCE MERCED MERCED MUNI MACREADY FLD 37.285(N) -120.514(W) 5903 ft
Small 35CL MERCED FLYING M RANCH 37.232(N) -120.479(W) 2600 ft
Small 15CL MERCED HUNT FARMS 37.343(N) -120.404(W) 2300 ft
Small 38CN MERIDIAN SANBORN 39.109(N) -121.884(W) 2745 ft
Small 92CL MERIDIAN MORONIS 39.103(N) -121.850(W) 2400 ft
Small 5CL3 MODESTO MAPES RANCH 37.668(N) -121.199(W) 1800 ft
Small CN44 MODESTO FLYING BULL 37.620(N) -121.163(W) 1800 ft
Small 4CA8 MODESTO YANDELL RANCH 37.640(N) -121.162(W) 2610 ft
Small CN37 MOJAVE KELSO VALLEY 35.383(N) -118.225(W) 3988 ft
Small 1CL2 MOJAVE PONTIOUS 34.942(N) -118.170(W) 1900 ft
Large MHV MHV MOJAVE MOJAVE 35.059(N) -118.152(W) 9502 ft
Small 1O5 ROF MONTAGUE MONTAGUE YREKA ROHRER FIELD 41.730(N) -122.546(W) 3360 ft
Large SIY SIY Montague SISKIYOU CO 41.781(N) -122.468(W) 7484 ft
Large KMRY MRY MRY MONTEREY MONTEREY PENINSULA 36.587(N) -121.843(W) 7616 ft
Medium KNUQ NUQ NUQ Mountain View MOFFETT FEDERAL AFLD 37.416(N) -122.049(W) 9202 ft
Small 2CN3 MURRIETA TENAJA VALLEY 33.511(N) -117.329(W) 1400 ft
Small F70 RBK Murrieta FRENCH VALLEY 33.574(N) -117.128(W) 6000 ft
Large APC APC NAPA NAPA CO 38.213(N) -122.281(W) 5931 ft
Small EED EED NEEDLES NEEDLES 34.766(N) -114.623(W) 5005 ft
Small L88 NEW CUYAMA NEW CUYAMA 34.937(N) -119.688(W) 3940 ft
Small 79CL NORTH SAN JUAN MILHOUS RANCH 39.325(N) -121.076(W) 2100 ft
Small 63CA NORTH SHORE DESERT AIR SKY RANCH 33.481(N) -115.874(W) 3000 ft
Large DVO NOT Novato GNOSS FLD 38.144(N) -122.556(W) 3300 ft
Small 6CL6 O'NEALS MARK FRANZ PRIVATE STRIP 37.175(N) -119.609(W) 800 ft
Small O27 OAKDALE OAKDALE 37.756(N) -120.800(W) 3020 ft
Large KOAK OAK OAK Oakland METROPOLITAN OAKLAND INTL 37.721(N) -122.221(W) 10000 ft
Small L52 OCEANO OCEANO COUNTY 35.101(N) -120.622(W) 2325 ft
Small NXF OCEANSIDE MCOLF CAMP PENDLETON (RED BEACH) 33.286(N) -117.456(W) 1513 ft
Medium KNFG NFG Oceanside CAMP PENDLETON MCAS 33.301(N) -117.355(W) 6006 ft
Small OKB OCN OCEANSIDE OCEANSIDE MUNI 33.217(N) -117.354(W) 2712 ft
Small 0CA6 OCOTILLO EMORY RANCH 32.749(N) -116.016(W) 2400 ft
Small L90 OCOTILLO WELLS OCOTILLO 33.148(N) -116.132(W) 4210 ft
Large KONT ONT ONT ONTARIO ONTARIO INTL 34.056(N) -117.601(W) 12198 ft
Large O37 Orland HAIGH FLD 39.721(N) -122.147(W) 4500 ft
Small OVE OVE OROVILLE OROVILLE MUNI 39.488(N) -121.622(W) 6020 ft
Small 97CL OROVILLE SILLER BROS INC 39.460(N) -121.581(W) 1900 ft
Large OXR OXR OXNARD OXNARD 34.201(N) -119.207(W) 5953 ft
Medium KNTD NTD NTD Oxnard POINT MUGU NAS 34.120(N) -119.121(W) 11102 ft
Large KPSP PSP PSP PALM SPRINGS PALM SPRINGS INTL 33.830(N) -116.507(W) 8501 ft
Small UDD UDD Palm Springs BERMUDA DUNES 33.748(N) -116.275(W) 5002 ft
Large TRM TRM Palm Springs JACQUELINE COCHRAN RGNL 33.627(N) -116.160(W) 8500 ft
Medium KPMD PMD PMD PALMDALE PALMDALE RGNL USAF PLT 42 34.629(N) -118.085(W) 12002 ft
Small 8CL0 PALMDALE NICHOLS FARMS 34.589(N) -117.826(W) 2600 ft
Small CL13 PALMDALE BRIAN RANCH 34.515(N) -117.762(W) 1462 ft
Small 04CA PALMDALE GRAY BUTTE FLD 34.564(N) -117.675(W) 5000 ft
Large PAO PAO PALO ALTO PALO ALTO ARPT OF SANTA CLARA CO 37.461(N) -122.115(W) 2443 ft
Small CN98 PALO VERDE WALTER'S CAMP 33.246(N) -114.710(W) 2500 ft
Small CA92 PARADISE PARADISE SKYPARK 39.711(N) -121.617(W) 3017 ft
Small 5CL7 PARKER DAM GENE WASH RESERVOIR 34.308(N) -114.187(W) 2200 ft
Small 33CL PASO ROBLES OAK COUNTRY RANCH 35.568(N) -120.797(W) 2200 ft
Large KPRB PRB PRB PASO ROBLES PASO ROBLES MUNI 35.673(N) -120.627(W) 6009 ft
Small CA02 PATTERSON PATTERSON 37.469(N) -121.169(W) 2500 ft
Small CL33 PAUMA VALLEY PAUMA VALLEY AIR PARK 33.311(N) -116.998(W) 2700 ft
Small 52CN PAYNES CREEK PONDEROSA SKY RANCH 40.344(N) -121.775(W) 2000 ft
Small L65 PERRIS PERRIS VALLEY 33.761(N) -117.218(W) 4956 ft
Small O69 PETALUMA PETALUMA MUNI 38.258(N) -122.606(W) 3600 ft
Small 43CN PETALUMA MAZZA 38.185(N) -122.602(W) 1100 ft
Small 54CN PLACERVILLE AKIN 38.754(N) -120.899(W) 1800 ft
Large PVF PVF PLACERVILLE PLACERVILLE 38.724(N) -120.753(W) 4201 ft
Small 01CL PLACERVILLE SWANSBORO COUNTRY 38.800(N) -120.734(W) 3100 ft
Small 7CL9 PLACERVILLE PERRYMAN 38.696(N) -120.731(W) 2000 ft
Small CA03 PLANADA JOHN MYERS 37.350(N) -120.294(W) 3000 ft
Small 27CL PLEASANT GROVE SOPWITH FARM 38.747(N) -121.573(W) 2000 ft
Small CA07 PLEASANT GROVE SCHEIDEL RANCH 38.840(N) -121.562(W) 2100 ft
Small 59CN PLEASANT GROVE JAMES BROTHERS 38.835(N) -121.530(W) 2500 ft
Small 25CL PLEASANT GROVE VAN DYKE STRIP 38.867(N) -121.484(W) 2900 ft
Small 05CL POPE VALLEY POPE VALLEY 38.611(N) -122.391(W) 3360 ft
Small 20CL POPE VALLEY MYSTERIOUS VALLEY 38.749(N) -122.367(W) 3500 ft
Large PTV PTV PORTERVILLE PORTERVILLE MUNI 36.030(N) -119.063(W) 5908 ft
Small CA75 POTRERO REIDER RANCH 32.638(N) -116.639(W) 2080 ft
Small 2O1 GNF Quincy GANSNER FLD 39.944(N) -120.945(W) 4105 ft
Small 6CA6 RAILROAD FLAT EAGLE RIDGE RANCH 38.328(N) -120.477(W) 4000 ft
Large RNM RAMONA RAMONA 33.039(N) -116.915(W) 5001 ft
Small CA76 RAMONA FLYING T RANCH 33.070(N) -116.752(W) 2000 ft
Small KRIU RIU RANCHO MURIETA RANCHO MURIETA 38.487(N) -121.103(W) 3800 ft
Small 57CN RANCHO MURIETA VAN VLECK 38.469(N) -121.075(W) 2100 ft
Small O39 RAVENDALE RAVENDALE 40.803(N) -120.366(W) 2920 ft
Small 0CL0 RAYMOND YOSEMITE HIDDEN LAKE RANCH 37.118(N) -119.913(W) 3720 ft
Small 49CN RED BLUFF RANCHO TEHAMA 40.016(N) -122.390(W) 3750 ft
Large KRBL RBL RBL RED BLUFF RED BLUFF MUNI 40.151(N) -122.252(W) 5700 ft
Small O85 BZF REDDING BENTON FIELD 40.574(N) -122.407(W) 2420 ft
Small CA53 REDDING TEWS FIELD 40.672(N) -122.342(W) 1800 ft
Large KRDD RDD RDD REDDING REDDING MUNI 40.509(N) -122.293(W) 7003 ft
Small REI REDLANDS REDLANDS MUNI 34.085(N) -117.146(W) 4505 ft
Small CA13 REEDLEY KINGS RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE 36.607(N) -119.463(W) 2000 ft
Small O32 REEDLEY REEDLEY MUNI 36.666(N) -119.450(W) 3300 ft
Small 42CN REEDLEY PEG FIELD 36.709(N) -119.405(W) 3110 ft
Small L67 RIALTO RIALTO MUNI MIRO FLD 34.129(N) -117.402(W) 4500 ft
Small 07CL RICHVALE RICHVALE 39.498(N) -121.771(W) 2220 ft
Medium NID Ridgecrest CHINA LAKE NAWS 35.685(N) -117.692(W) 9993 ft
Ultralight 0CL8 RIDGECREST TERA 35.591(N) -117.634(W) 3500 ft
Small L36 RIO LINDA RIO LINDA 38.675(N) -121.445(W) 2625 ft
Small CA16 RIO LINDA HOLTSMANS 38.729(N) -121.389(W) 2500 ft
Small O88 RIO VISTA RIO VISTA MUNI 38.193(N) -121.704(W) 4200 ft
Small CA17 RIVERBANK PETERSON 37.724(N) -120.890(W) 2485 ft
Small 89CA RIVERDALE SWANSON RANCH NR 2 36.467(N) -119.884(W) 2500 ft
Large KRAL RAL RAL RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE MUNI 33.952(N) -117.445(W) 5401 ft
Small 52CA RIVERSIDE LAKE MATHEWS 33.853(N) -117.424(W) 3300 ft
Medium KRIV RIV RIV Riverside MARCH ARB 33.881(N) -117.259(W) 13300 ft
Large RIR RIR Riverside-Rubidoux FLABOB 33.990(N) -117.411(W) 3200 ft
Small CA18 ROBBINS WAGNER AVIATION 38.872(N) -121.710(W) 3100 ft
Small CL74 ROSAMOND SKYOTEE RANCH 34.832(N) -118.401(W) 2600 ft
Small 33CA ROSAMOND LLOYD'S LANDING 34.906(N) -118.302(W) 2300 ft
Small L00 ROSAMOND ROSAMOND SKYPARK 34.871(N) -118.209(W) 3400 ft
Small 34CA ROSEVILLE FIDDYMENT FIELD 38.792(N) -121.373(W) 1800 ft
Small CA21 ROUGH AND READY LIMBERLOST RANCH 39.221(N) -121.215(W) 1700 ft
Small T42 RUTH RUTH 40.211(N) -123.298(W) 3500 ft
Large KSMF SMF SMF SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO INTL 38.695(N) -121.591(W) 8601 ft
Small CA22 SACRAMENTO LAUPPES STRIP 38.759(N) -121.585(W) 2000 ft
Large KMCC MCC MCC Sacramento MC CLELLAN AFLD 38.668(N) -121.401(W) 10600 ft
Small MHR MHR SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO MATHER 38.554(N) -121.298(W) 11301 ft
Large KSNS SNS SNS SALINAS SALINAS MUNI 36.663(N) -121.606(W) 6004 ft
Small SAS SAS SALTON CITY SALTON SEA 33.241(N) -115.953(W) 5000 ft
Small CA88 SAN ARDO SAN ARDO FIELD 36.026(N) -120.908(W) 2000 ft
Large SQL SQL SAN CARLOS SAN CARLOS 37.512(N) -122.250(W) 2600 ft
Small CA84 SAN DIEGO TORREY PINES 32.890(N) -117.247(W) 1500 ft
Medium KNZY NZY NZY San Diego NORTH ISLAND NAS 32.699(N) -117.215(W) 8000 ft
Large KSAN SAN SAN SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO INTL 32.734(N) -117.190(W) 8701 ft
Medium KNKX NKX NKX San Diego MIRAMAR MCAS 32.868(N) -117.142(W) 12000 ft
Large MYF MYF San Diego MONTGOMERY FLD 32.816(N) -117.140(W) 4577 ft
Medium NRS NRS San Diego IMPERIAL BEACH NOLF 32.567(N) -117.117(W) 4999 ft
Large KSDM SDM SDM San Diego BROWN FLD MUNI 32.572(N) -116.980(W) 7972 ft
Large SEE SEE San Diego/El Cajon GILLESPIE FLD 32.826(N) -116.972(W) 5342 ft
Large KSFO SFO SFO SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO INTL 37.619(N) -122.375(W) 11870 ft
Small CA32 SAN JOAQUIN SAN JOAQUIN 36.583(N) -120.251(W) 2500 ft
Large RHV RHV San Jose REID HILLVIEW OF SANTA CLARA CO 37.333(N) -121.819(W) 2690 ft
Large KSBP SBP SBP SAN LUIS OBISPO SAN LUIS CO RGNL 35.237(N) -120.642(W) 5300 ft
Small E16 SAN MARTIN SOUTH CO ARPT OF SANTA CLARA CO 37.082(N) -121.597(W) 3100 ft
Medium CA62 San Miguel MC MILLAN ASSAULT STRIP 35.719(N) -120.768(W) 3500 ft
Medium NSI SAN NICOLAS ISLAND SAN NICOLAS ISLAND NOLF 33.240(N) -119.458(W) 10002 ft
Small CA35 SAN RAFAEL SAN RAFAEL 38.017(N) -122.521(W) 2140 ft
STOL 59CA SAN RAMON LITTLE HANDS 37.803(N) -122.029(W) 1320 ft
Small 04NV SANDY VALLEY KINGSTON RANCH 35.756(N) -115.665(W) 3240 ft
Small 9CA7 SANGER HARRIS RIVER RANCH 36.767(N) -119.436(W) 3018 ft
Large KSNA SNA SNA Santa Ana JOHN WAYNE ARPT ORANGE CO 33.676(N) -117.868(W) 5701 ft
Small SZN SZN SANTA BARBARA SANTA CRUZ ISLAND 34.061(N) -119.915(W) 2150 ft
Small CA97 SANTA BARBARA CHRISTY AIRSTRIP 34.020(N) -119.853(W) 2507 ft
Small CL77 SANTA CRUZ BONNY DOON VILLAGE 37.071(N) -122.127(W) 2200 ft
Small 5CL1 SANTA MARGARITA BOGDAN 35.405(N) -120.525(W) 1800 ft
Large SMO SMO SANTA MONICA SANTA MONICA MUNI 34.016(N) -118.451(W) 4973 ft
Small SZP SZP SANTA PAULA SANTA PAULA 34.347(N) -119.061(W) 2665 ft
Large STS STS Santa Rosa CHARLES M SCHULZ SONOMA CO 38.509(N) -122.813(W) 5115 ft
Small CA39 SANTA ROSA GRAYWOOD RANCH 38.435(N) -122.564(W) 2500 ft
Large IZA SQA SANTA YNEZ SANTA YNEZ 34.607(N) -120.076(W) 2804 ft
Small 0CA4 SANTA YNEZ SHEPHERD RANCH 34.622(N) -120.065(W) 3600 ft
Small 0CA3 SANTA YNEZ CRAWFORD 34.587(N) -120.013(W) 2100 ft
Small 25CA SANTA YSABEL LOMA MADERA RANCH 33.179(N) -116.793(W) 2300 ft
Small 0CA5 SANTA YSABEL HOFFMAN PVT 33.143(N) -116.745(W) 1400 ft
Small 0Q3 SCHELLVILLE/SONOMA SONOMA VALLEY 38.224(N) -122.450(W) 2700 ft
Small CA40 SELMA CENTRAL VALLEY AVIATION INC 36.521(N) -119.670(W) 2600 ft
Small 0Q4 SELMA SELMA 36.581(N) -119.657(W) 2490 ft
Small CA41 SELMA QUINN 36.583(N) -119.640(W) 2400 ft
Small MIT MIT SHAFTER SHAFTER MINTER FLD 35.507(N) -119.192(W) 4501 ft
Small 0CA9 SHANDON BLECH RANCH 35.595(N) -120.339(W) 3300 ft
Small 0Q5 SHELTER COVE SHELTER COVE 40.028(N) -124.073(W) 3300 ft
Small L61 SHOSHONE SHOSHONE 35.969(N) -116.269(W) 2380 ft
Small O79 SIERRAVILLE SIERRAVILLE DEARWATER 39.581(N) -120.354(W) 3260 ft
Small 34CN SNELLING BONANZA HILLS 37.524(N) -120.398(W) 4100 ft
Small 3CA9 SOLEDAD CLARK RANCH 36.363(N) -121.310(W) 2400 ft
Small 0Q9 SONOMA SONOMA SKYPARK 38.257(N) -122.434(W) 2480 ft
Small 1CA1 SOUTH BELRIDGE BELRIDGE STRIP 35.468(N) -119.722(W) 5600 ft
Large KTVL TVL TVL South Lake Tahoe LAKE TAHOE 38.894(N) -119.995(W) 8544 ft
Small CA44 SPRINGVILLE SEQUOIA RANCH 36.150(N) -118.802(W) 2800 ft
Small CA45 STEVINSON STEVINSON STRIP 37.325(N) -120.868(W) 2400 ft
Small 6CL8 STOCKTON HARLEY 37.951(N) -121.243(W) 1700 ft
Small 36CA STRATFORD STONE LAND CO 36.132(N) -119.986(W) 3300 ft
Small 92CA STRATFORD WESTLAKE FARMS 36.121(N) -119.888(W) 3600 ft
Small 12CL STRATFORD NEWTON FIELD 36.157(N) -119.850(W) 2790 ft
Small CA49 STRATFORD JONES FARMS 36.204(N) -119.841(W) 1900 ft
Small CA05 STRATFORD MACHADO DUSTERS 36.160(N) -119.813(W) 2600 ft
Small 1Q1 STRATHMORE ECKERT FIELD 36.162(N) -119.051(W) 2000 ft
Small 1Q2 SUSANVILLE SPAULDING 40.650(N) -120.769(W) 4600 ft
Large SVE SVE SUSANVILLE SUSANVILLE MUNI 40.376(N) -120.573(W) 4049 ft
Small L17 TAFT TAFT KERN CO 35.141(N) -119.441(W) 3550 ft
Small 9CA0 TEHACHAPI PSK RANCH 35.114(N) -118.598(W) 2940 ft
Small TSP TSP TEHACHAPI TEHACHAPI MUNI 35.135(N) -118.439(W) 3746 ft
Small L94 TEHACHAPI MOUNTAIN VALLEY 35.101(N) -118.423(W) 4890 ft
Small 37CA TEMECULA BILLY JOE 33.507(N) -117.071(W) 2200 ft
Small 2CL3 TENNANT LONGBELL RANCH 41.642(N) -121.890(W) 5000 ft
Small CA51 THE SEA RANCH THE SEA RANCH 38.705(N) -123.433(W) 2600 ft
Large TOA TOA Torrance ZAMPERINI FLD 33.803(N) -118.340(W) 4461 ft
Large TCY TRACY TRACY MUNI 37.689(N) -121.442(W) 4001 ft
Small CA54 TRACY 33 STRIP 37.670(N) -121.328(W) 1600 ft
Small 1Q4 TRACY NEW JERUSALEM 37.679(N) -121.300(W) 3530 ft
Small O86 TRINITY CENTER TRINITY CENTER 40.983(N) -122.694(W) 3015 ft
Small L72 TRH TRONA TRONA 35.812(N) -117.327(W) 5930 ft
Large TRK TKF TRUCKEE TRUCKEE TAHOE 39.320(N) -120.140(W) 7000 ft
Large TLR TLR Tulare MEFFORD FLD 36.156(N) -119.326(W) 3914 ft
Small O81 TULELAKE TULELAKE MUNI 41.887(N) -121.359(W) 3577 ft
Small 9CL0 TURLOCK TURLOCK AIRPARK 37.471(N) -120.844(W) 2075 ft
Small O15 TURLOCK TURLOCK MUNI 37.487(N) -120.697(W) 2985 ft
Medium NXP TWENTYNINE PALMS TWENTYNINE PALMS EAF 34.296(N) -116.162(W) 8015 ft
Small 61CA TWENTYNINE PALMS BAUER 34.175(N) -116.067(W) 1300 ft
Small 2CA2 TWENTYNINE PALMS CONES FIELD 34.163(N) -116.048(W) 1400 ft
Small 43CL TWENTYNINE PALMS DICK DALE SKYRANCH 34.206(N) -115.998(W) 2860 ft
Small 2CA3 TWENTYNINE PALMS CROSSWINDS 34.160(N) -115.998(W) 2600 ft
Large KUKI UKI UKI UKIAH UKIAH MUNI 39.126(N) -123.201(W) 4415 ft
Small CCB CCB Upland CABLE 34.112(N) -117.688(W) 3758 ft
Small 1Q5 UPPER LAKE GRAVELLY VALLEY 39.451(N) -122.955(W) 4050 ft
Small CA57 VACAVILLE BLAKE SKY PARK 38.458(N) -122.046(W) 1600 ft
Small VCB Vacaville NUT TREE 38.377(N) -121.962(W) 4700 ft
Small 2CA4 VALLEY CENTER BLACKINTON 33.259(N) -117.092(W) 2200 ft
Large VNY VNY VAN NUYS VAN NUYS 34.210(N) -118.490(W) 8001 ft
Small CA59 VERONA VESTAL STRIP 38.792(N) -121.584(W) 2200 ft
Small 38CL VERONA RIEGO FLIGHT STRIP 38.754(N) -121.563(W) 2380 ft
Large VCV VCV Victorville SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LOGISTICS 34.597(N) -117.383(W) 15050 ft
Small 8CA0 VICTORVILLE OSBORNE 34.584(N) -117.267(W) 2600 ft
Small CA60 VINA DEER CREEK RANCH 39.950(N) -121.997(W) 3000 ft
Large VIS VIS VISALIA VISALIA MUNI 36.319(N) -119.393(W) 6559 ft
Small D86 Visalia SEQUOIA FLD 36.449(N) -119.319(W) 3012 ft
Small 9CL9 WALNUT GROVE SPEZIA 38.217(N) -121.534(W) 2500 ft
Small 38CA WASCO CASHEN 35.692(N) -119.489(W) 4000 ft
Small L19 WASCO WASCO KERN COUNTY 35.620(N) -119.354(W) 3140 ft
Small CA66 WATSONVILLE MONTEREY BAY ACADEMY 36.906(N) -121.843(W) 2200 ft
Small WVI WVI WATSONVILLE WATSONVILLE MUNI 36.936(N) -121.790(W) 4501 ft
Large O54 Weaverville LONNIE POOL FLD WEAVERVILLE 40.746(N) -122.922(W) 2980 ft
Small O46 WEED WEED 41.475(N) -122.453(W) 5000 ft
Small CA67 WESTLEY WESTLEY 37.548(N) -121.205(W) 1562 ft
Small 95CA WHITLEY GARDEN BONEL 35.669(N) -120.548(W) 2000 ft
Small 4CL3 WILLIAMS ANTELOPE VALLEY RANCH 39.146(N) -122.354(W) 2384 ft
Small CN12 WILLIAMS WILLIAMS 39.164(N) -122.132(W) 2500 ft
Small O28 Willits ELLS FLD WILLITS MUNI 39.451(N) -123.372(W) 3000 ft
Large WLW WLW WILLOWS WILLOWS GLENN CO 39.516(N) -122.218(W) 4506 ft
Small 98CL WILLOWS NOLTAS 39.579(N) -122.201(W) 1900 ft
Small 26CA WILTON BOECKMANN RANCH 38.427(N) -121.172(W) 2200 ft
Small 8CA5 WINCHESTER PINES AIRPARK 33.646(N) -117.110(W) 2500 ft
Small O42 WOODLAKE WOODLAKE 36.399(N) -119.107(W) 2795 ft
Small O41 Woodland WATTS WOODLAND 38.674(N) -121.872(W) 3385 ft
Small CN23 YERMO HARVARD 34.962(N) -116.675(W) 2640 ft
Small CA73 YUBA CITY VANDERFORD RANCH COMPANY 39.096(N) -121.716(W) 3220 ft
Large O52 Yuba City SUTTER CO 39.124(N) -121.605(W) 3045 ft
Small 2CA8 YUCCA VALLEY B & E RANCH 34.421(N) -116.611(W) 2600 ft
Small 6CA5 YUCCA VALLEY VALLEY VISTA 34.337(N) -116.580(W) 3000 ft
Small L22 YUCCA VALLEY YUCCA VALLEY 34.128(N) -116.408(W) 4033 ft
Small 45CL ZENIA HELL'ER HIGH WATER 40.143(N) -123.398(W) 2600 ft

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